Independent writer – artist – musician

Welcome to the kingdom of SATIRICCA!

SATIRICCA is an independent and multifaceted artist who seeks to explore and reveal the greatest mysteries of human life. His artistic style is eccentric and combines different directions such as literature, painting, music, and other disciplines. He is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and explore new areas to gain a deeper understanding of human life and create works that are powerful and full of emotion.

His work can be difficult to understand at first glance, as he often relies on surrealism and other unusual elements, but the pieces are also full of contradictory ideas and unusual ideas, which makes his art even more original. The artist tries to express deep emotions and colorful adventures in each of his works and always tries to go beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking.

SATIRICCA is a great example of an artist who keeps his originality and is not afraid to step into unknown waters. His work may be provocative and unconventional, but it always provides a unique perspective on the world and encourages reflection on the deeper questions of life.

He combines incompatible, he tastes the invisible.