About the author

SATIRICCA /səˈtɪrɪkə/ is an independent writer, poet, artist, metal guitarist, singer, musical composer, and producer, spiritual explorer.

Born on the 11th of March 1985

Husband in love and proud father

Self-taught and also an insubordinate student at the schools of art and design

Through his work, he explores themes of human nature and relationship with the universe, spiritual freedom, and self-actualization.

Motto: “I believe!”

“I am what I am.”

I have no mouth, but I have to scream to reveal all human mysteries.

That is probably the most accurate description of the essence of my personality. But who am I really? I’m just a person. I was born that way. But the right question should be – who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of all this?

It is very important to seek answers to these questions. The search for meaning and purpose in life is one of the most basic human needs. Each of us has our own unique personal story and the path to discovering the truth and meaning of life can be different. Religion may be an important factor for some, a spiritual journey for others, and personal experience and knowledge for still others. I think it is very important to realize that there is infinite potential and creative power within each of us that we can use to find answers to these questions. In the search for answers, it can be helpful to explore the inner world and discover the voice of one’s own soul. However, it is also important to have indomitable patience and be open to new experiences and insights. Ultimately, each of us must find our own path and answers to these questions. However, exchanging ideas with other people and finding like-minded people can be very helpful and inspiring.

In my story, from the time I first opened my eyes, I began to search for answers to these mysteries of life. Deeply, stubbornly, quietly, within myself. I studied the outside world from my own perspective and discovered the infinite world within. I found the voice of my soul. And tasted its immortality. I faced my own ego, which was trying to hide the truth, the truth about the real me. But one day, when I looked into the cosmic mirror at my true face, I understood who I really was. I am not the person that others think I am. Not even the person I think I am. I realized that I am simply who I am. And that it doesn’t matter, because it’s more important not to ignore the Good that we have above us, or within ourselves.

In my work, you will find the search for destiny, hope, faith, and the never-ending search for truth and meaning in our own, human existence. People might say I am a writer, a philosopher, an artist, or a musician. And maybe they’re right. Who knows? But above all, I am a dreamer who believes in the Light and tries to touch the stars in the sky. In my work I am always looking for the next exciting adventure, to feed the hungry spirit and indulge the insatiable mind.

And now I would like to ask you a question. Will you join me on this eternal journey?

No matter where you go.
No matter how fast you move.
Just go!

“Only God knows God”

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