Literary work

From lyrical poetry to philosophical works to pompous sci-fi adventures. Such is the author’s range in distinctive literary expression. The diversity of his bookish expression can be inspiring for readers who enjoy variety and an unconventional view of the world. They may encounter different thematic and genre elements in the author’s literature, which can help develop their thinking and stimulate their curiosity. Sometimes the reader will be surrounded by an ocean of imagination and engulfed in a thrilling adventure, other times they will just find a few lines of understanding. But one thing the author’s books always have in common. They have a soul.

Fine arts

Visions concerning human nature and the relationship to the Universe, the construction of the world, and fascinating paradoxes come from the depths of the author’s mind and are transferred into his works with a spiritual touch and transcendence of time and space. These ideas are expressed through various techniques such as drawing, acrylic, and watercolor, or the modern method of fusion art, where the work is created in a traditional medium and completed in digital form.


As in other fields, the author’s musical expression combines several paradoxes and genre fusions. As a guitarist and singer, the author has a direct influence on the sound and expressive possibilities of his music. This also allows him to be completely himself in his compositions and performances and thus express his artistic vision and message. The core of his work, however, is clearly the tones of electric guitars, fast and uncompromising drum beats, and diverse vocals, all riding the waves of thrash, death, and heavy metal. However, piano, acoustic guitars, and strings are also an integral part of the more subtle and emotive parts of the sound, and spicing it all up are countless sound samples created by the greatest artist of them all – our nature. SATIRICCA personally composes, programs, mixes, and produces all the material.

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