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SATIRICCA – The Art Of A Human

This slightly surrealistic book of lyrical poetry tells the story of the epic journey of the soul from its first incarnation to the final discovery of the meaning of its existence. Pain, blood, suffering, love, faith, and hope. The path of perseverance. The path to immortality.

Philosophical poetry with elements of surrealism

1st edition

ISBN 978-80-270-7334-4 (eBook PDF)

ISBN 978-80-270-7497-6 (eBook Mobipocket)

ISBN 979-86-541-1727-4 (Paperback)

ISBN 979-87-556-4931-5 (Hardcover)

Independently Published

Proofreading made by Pearl Harris

Copyright © 2020 written and illustrated by SATIRICCA

SATIRICCA – Metaexistence

From the fairy-tale world of eternal childhood, through a tumultuous and misunderstood adolescence full of pitfalls, all the way to the eternity of futile and sober adulthood. Step by step towards the plunge into the depths of ordinary life, to the pain of monotonous walking only towards old age and death as a slave of our civilization. The journey of understanding, accepting one’s own existence, and realizing our transcendence. A book of self-awareness with autobiographical elements and the author’s innermost thoughts.

This literary work explores the control of our minds and the taming and limiting of thoughts from early childhood. It focuses on a deep look into our society, highlighting its negative influences and the necessity to free ourselves from these influences. The book also analyzes our true essence and harmony with nature, emphasizing that our existence continues even after death, flowing in a constant stream of existence. It points out that our current civilization can be a deadly factor, seeking to dominate us for its own benefit. The work deals with the process of awakening, offering hope for change, liberation, and healing.

A philosophical and spiritual book

Writing in progress…

Expected publication date: November 2024

Copyright © 2023 by SATIRICCA

SATIRICCA – The Man Who Forgot To Die

When the hero, a young businessman named Martin, wakes up in the morning, he cannot understand where he is nor how he got there. He slowly gets to his feet, not comprehending the playfulness of the colors of the two suns that sail across the sky. All of this happens in the middle of the dead red desert. The only thing he remembers is that he was flying from his home to Morocco on a business trip. His feelings are assaulted by incomprehensible sensations. And his first thoughts are that he must be in a dream. But he slowly begins to understand that this is not just a dream that he can easily awaken from. This prison becomes his new home. He spends an eternity alone in the desert. He finds no answer. No hope. Until one day he spots a little girl sitting on a dune watching a giant jellyfish floating in the sky. The mysterious journey for Martin is just beginning.

A philosophical science fantasy novel with a touch of surrealism

Writing in progress…

Expected publication date: December 2023

Copyright © 2020 by SATIRICCA

SATIRICCA – The Gods Of Galaxies

In the middle of the 22nd century, ten years after the first man landed on Mars, an ancient Martian temple reveals a mysterious script. The Atlas of the Gods. In each deciphered fragment, this turns out to be the most unusual artifact of all time. This fascinating discovery brings the reader closer to the culture of the original inhabitants of Mars and the diversity of their religions, which are strikingly similar to those on Earth. The Earth’s elite works hard to unravel this most closely guarded secret. The legacy of the inhabitants of the red planet gradually bears the most frightening testimony that powerful Gods came from outer space for their harvest, and the red planet was subsequently destroyed when resisting. The last word of the Martians is the recommendation to go into outer space to a star known as Mu Caphei and to search for the alien Xan race. The secret international mission thus embarks on the most daring journey that humanity has ever undertaken.

Adventure sci-fi novel


Expected publication date: 2030

Copyright © 2020 by SATIRICCA

SATIRICCA – Pirates Of Fantasy Ocean

The famous town of Rovinj, on the coast of the Venetian Republic, spring of 1674 AD. The young adventurer Marco Cavalieri leaves his fiancée here to embark on the voyage of a lifetime, which is to bring him a privileged position and financial security. However, in a clash with pirates, he becomes a lone castaway on the coast of unpredictable Mauritania. His dream quickly fades into the cruelty of reality and is transformed into the simple desire to get back home. So the real journey is just beginning for him. On the verge of life and death, he meets an African shaman, the mysterious and mystical Baraka. How will a young man, brought up in the orthodox environment of the 17th century, cope with the knowledge surpassing countless future generations? And will the power of his desire lead him back home?

Adventure sci-fi novel


Expected publication date: 2033-2035

Copyright © 2020 by SATIRICCA

SATIRICCA – The Nectar Of The Immortalized

“Just as the blossoms of beautiful flowers attract to their delicious nectar, so do the colorful nebulas of our universe attract space travelers to their intoxicating scents and nectars.”

The lone journey of a space explorer through the sea of stars to the vanishing civilization of Xan. Searching for knowledge and searching for new worlds and discovering the Cosmic Mother, revealing the primordial source of all knowledge. The final part of a sci-fi adventure line is about humanity’s struggle with pirates of fantasy ocean and alien rulers, posing as our Gods—the last step to understanding the meaning of existence, to enlightenment.

To a new age.

Adventure sci-fi novel


Expected publication date: 2038

Copyright © 2020 by SATIRICCA