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She, The One Who We Devastated

Why do we turn everything beautiful into useless, why do we enslave everything unique and different?

Why do we kill the immortal?

Original fusion artwork

Copyright © 2022 SATIRICCA

She, The One From Multiverse

Just as life plays a million colors in the marine world, so in space, color is a reflection of the multiplicity and infinite diversity of life.

That’s where she comes from.

Original fusion artwork

Copyright © 2021 SATIRICCA

Sister From Xan

There are space travelers, pioneers who walk across time and infinite space to help and educate other civilizations. This is one of them.

Watercolor on canvas with silver

Copyright © 2021 SATIRICCA

The Soul Of Magdalena

Dedicated to the author’s wife, soulmate, and best friend.

Acrylic on canvas

Copyright © 2020 SATIRICCA