“I feel great pain in my heart. I’m very sorry for us people. But the pain is for someone else. We are standing on the edge of the abyss and we have no idea that there is only one step left to do our own doom. And I have an endless urge to push us. Where does our cheeky and foolish nature come from? Where did we get that superior view of the world around us? Where do we get the right to build ourselves on a pedestal, to consider ourselves the most intelligent beings in the world, when we can exploit, bite, murder each other without moving? For our own profit? If we can despise our own Mother. Where do we get the courage to maim and kill her children? Beings spun from the same threads as we are.

Oh Supreme Friend, may Your mercy come in the form of a lesson! Let us taste the sweets of suffering, over and over again. Help us to love a little more what you created. What you have created for all of us. Because you love everyone without distinction. Small, large, black and white. I feel my pain for you. Because I don’t know if you feel our Love. I don’t know if you feel loved too.

But you are!”